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Property Taxes


Occupation Tax Exempt Request Form

(You must mail in the form along with payment for their school per-capita taxes and township per-capita taxes)

Tax Office

Loria Smith is the Tax Collector for East Hanover Township, Dauphin County.

Office Address:  376 North Crawford Road, Grantville, PA  17028 (old Park & Rec Building)

Telephone Number:  (717) 469-1048

The Tax Office will normally be open the following hours:

Mondays - 6pm to 8pm

Tuesdays - 6pm to 8pm

Fridays - 9am to 1pm


The Tax Office will be closed:


All Holidays

Tax Information

Each year, two separate tax bills are sent to East Hanover Township property owners.


The Real Estate Tax bill mailed in January is for taxes due to Dauphin County, Dauphin County Library, East Hanover Township, and Fire Protection for East Hanover Township.  The Township receives an amount usually under $40.00 per bill.


The Real Estate Tax bill mailed in July is for taxes due to the Lower Dauphin School District.  The Township receives no funds from these taxes.


A Personal Tax bill is also mailed in July and is for the School Per Capita, School Residence, and East Hanover Township Per Capita.  The Township receives $5.00 per bill.


Every real estate tax bill indicates the assessed value of the property, the mills, and the amount due.  Each June the Lower Dauphin School District establishes the millage rate for its next budget.  Each December Dauphin County and East Hanover Township establish the millage rate for the following year.

To determine your real estate tax bill, multiply the assessment times the mills times .001 (a mill is one-tenth of a percent).

Current millage rates are as follows:


Lower Dauphin School District
Dauphin County
Dauphin County Library
East Hanover Township
Fire Protection
Total 7.586


For a property assessed at $100,000.00, the taxes owed would be:


Lower Dauphin School District
$ 1,842.00
Dauphin County
Dauphin County Library
East Hanover Township
Fire Protection

Example:  $100,000.00 house multiplied by the 7.586 = $758.60 taxes due for the county and township bill



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